Sunday, January 24, 2010

Adventures. . .

We've been having a bit of computer trouble so here's a post from 2 weeks ago. . . This last week was a busy one for us! Addy just turned 4 months old and is growing like crazy! We had her check-up yesterday and she weighs 14lb 11oz and is in the 70th% (11lb 14oz at 2 mo = 75%). She is 25.5 in long and is in the 90th% for height (23.5 in at 2 mo = 90th%). Her head circumference is 16 in and is in the 40th% (15.25 in at 2 mo = 50th%). She continues to take after me with a bit of a pin head! :) I think she remembered the Dr's office (is that even possible?!) because when I laid her down on the table to get her shot, she started crying! She didn't even wait for the poke! I guess she takes after me for that too!

We also ventured to the Museum of Nature and Science on Saturday to see the Genghis Khan exhibit. We weren't sure how this would go with Addy in the stroller but she really enjoyed it. And, when she'd had enough of swords, armor and artifacts, she fell asleep. Yay! We had a great time learning about the Mongolian culture. There was even a contortionist (a senior at our neighborhood high school) who performed. She was amazing!

Sunday, after visiting Denver's first church (150 years old!) with our neighbors, we headed to an indor rec pool to take Addy swimming for the first time. The night before, I started getting pretty nervous. . . what if she drowns, what if something happens? So Brad and I did what we do best, we did a little research on teaching infants to swim. Google 'baby swimming survival video' and watch it sometime! It's crazy! There were also some cruel looking ones where parents push their kids under water and watch them kick themselves back to the surface! Needless to say, this research only made me more freaked out. We decided that Brad should introduce Addy to the swimming pool so she wouldn't sense my nervousness. :) Actually, Addy didn't mind the pool at all! She wasn't super happy, but she was very content in the water and didn't mind being in the pool for quite some time! That was just another reminder for me of not to be fearful about new things! It was really fun and I can't wait to take Addy back to the pool!

Well. . . I don't know if it was swimming or what but Addy just spent the last week with a cold. Poor little one! She's actually been in pretty good spirits but I did take her to the Dr. after she coughed so hard she threw up all over me! Yuck! I think she's on the mend.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas #2. . . finally

On Christmas Eve, Addy wore her first dress! :) She had hot pink tights to go with it (an essential, says Raguel!) but she cried and cried with the tights on. As soon as we took those off, she was as happy as can be. I suppose she takes after her mom because I don't know the last time I wore nylons! Anyway, so Addy was unlady-like all evening but she did have a great Christmas Eve.

On Christmas day, Addy slept through opening presents. We weren't about to skip nap time on such a busy day! Later, she took part in her first Davis Family White Elephant Gift Exchange. When Papo opened a blow up Pooh bear, Addy was in heaven! She laughed and giggled at that thing until mean ol' Grandpa turned it off. She was passed around from relative to relative and she really enjoyed the attention!

Later we went for a walk down by the Rio Grande. Here is Addy at her first glipse of the Rio. It was an interesting walk given it was a single track trail with cactus on either side! Luckily, Brad drove the stroller!
Here's Addy with Cousins Tiffany, Joy and James and Auntie Jenny the day after Christmas at yet another family/food get together!

After church on Sunday, Addy couldn't even keep her eyes open at lunch! She never falls asleep in anyone's arms so we knew she was REALLY tired!

Auntie Jenny got Addy some great Bible story books. Addy really likes books (and pens for some reason!) so Jenny had a captive audience for the stories! Thanks Auntie Jenny!

On our way home from Albuquerque we stopped at my Aunt Zana's house to see more family. While opening presents, my cousin Megan decided to decorate Addy's huge bald spot with a bow. Too bad she can't go around like that all the time, her bald spot is HUGE!

We really did have a great Christmas in NM. I have so much wonderful family there and we enjoyed catching up with everyone and showing off our little bundle! :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas. . . sort of

It's amazing, we're having a heck of a time getting any pictures posted from Christmas because our memory card erased (of Addy's first Christmas!!!) and the disk of photos from my parents was defective. So, I'll post this video of Addy on Christmas day at Grandpa Hulsbos' house because it's really cute of Addy laughing. I'll post some more later. . .

I started this Tick Tock game with Addy in Salt Lake City because I was trying to find some way to keep her awake and playing with very few toys around. She really loves it!

We drove to Albuquerque the day after we put Brody to sleep and stayed at Aunt Bev and Uncle Tom's about a week. We had a great time seeing TONS of family and Addy did great! She is turning into a travel pro! She stayed on her flexible schedule and slept great on whatever floor/bed she was put down on! She really enjoyed being held by whoever snatched her up and she loved all the new faces.

On our way home, we stopped in Santa Fe to see my Aunt Zana and cousins. In this photo is Jenny, me and Addy, Grandpa Hulsbos, Stella and Aunt Zana.

Dad is still totally GaGa over Addy! :)

When we got home from NM, Addy was showing a preference to be straight up in a chair, not reclining anymore so we bought her a high chair. She loves it!! She gets to sit up like a big girl and play with her toys!

When I was sitting here typing, Addy was on the floor, having just eaten (note the spit up spot on the blanket!) and I looked down and she had flipped herself over on her side. She hates tummy time so I'm not surprised that she's turning over from her back to her side before tummy to back.