Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring is in the air

Let's see. . . we've had sickness, teething, ear infections, travel, company, birthdays, adventures, potty training, milestones and more sickness. :) It's been a busy month.
Elsie, at 10 1/2 months, is now signing a few things like 'please,' 'up,' 'all done,' and 'bye-bye/hi.' She has a total of 8 teeth (at least poking through her gums) and has figured out how to pull up to a stand and is starting to take steps to cruise from perch to perch. She has let go a few times to try out her balance but she didn't seem to like it. :) She's enjoying chewing on her crib now that she can reach. :( Elsie loves music and she sways back and forth to any tune. I even caught her tapping her toe to the beat of the music on her exersaucer the other day. She is a very passionate little one. She's passionately happy most of the time but look out when she's not! She really lets you know it!
Addy is 2 1/2 years old and at last post we were just about to do our potty party. Well, we did it and it was so much fun! We had lots of fun treats and Addy really figured out that the goal was to stay clean and dry by using the potty. She has very infrequent accidents and is able to let me know when she has to go pretty consistently. It's neat to see her changing and growing. Although I've really slacked on our preschool stuff since returning from Christmas vacation, she continues to amaze me with the stuff she learns. And boy, does she love to learn.
We're getting ready to switch the girls bedrooms so Elsie can have all the baby stuff in her room and Addy can have a big girl bed. She's really excited for the switch. Hopefully it will go well.
We did have a couple of visits from my parents since the last post. Mom came into town for a week while Brad was gone (right after our potty party. . . I needed help!) and then both parents came for a ski day and stayed while Brad went out of town again. I really enjoyed their help with the girls and the girls loved the extra attention from their Gramma & Ba. We also had our first day on the slopes in probably 5 years. It was the best day all season for Utah and we had a great day (actually, half day!).
Brad and I have enjoyed some fun date nights lately and some family outings and bike rides. We're also getting ready to start a spring project of a bunch of yard work (Why is it no one plants evergreens in yards?! Our yard looks like a barren wasteland all winter!) and hopefully building some raised beds and planting a garden. We have a perfect spot in our yard. . . now to just get it built and planted!
We're already seeing signs of spring here with bulbs coming up and squirrels and birds coming out. Yes, Bill, the quail are back! :) Addy is learning to look for the signs of spring and one she doesn't like very much is the appearance of bugs. She is not a fan of them.
So here is a video of some pictures of the last month. There is a short video clip and although you can't hear the talking very well, it's all about Addy's facial expresssion. :) She'll eat anything. . . I mean anything! As long as we say it's ok to eat, she's game. Brad likes to abuse her adventureous spirit for kicks. This one was one of those cocktail onions. Brad loves them and she wanted to try one so, knowing it would be good, I caught it on video. The funny thing is that after this, she asked for another one. She's a piece of work. Enjoy!