Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Some highlights since it's been two months. . .

We've been having fun family adventures since Brad took last week off.  We went swimming, hiking, to the splash pad, biking, picnicking and took really good naps.   :)  The not so fun part was that our computer crashed and Brad spent countless hours trying to get that fixed!  We're mostly functional now.    

We dedicated William at church at the end of August and he certainly stole the stage.  He was squawking and climbing up my stomach, grabbing my glasses and drooling everywhere.  It was funny but I was sweating to death trying to keep him under control.  When Pastor Steve prayed for William, he held him and luckily he didn't spit up on him.  The girls did great standing in front of the church and Elsie liked that she could stay in big church for a little bit.  But, the best part for her was that William got to go to her class afterward for the first time! 

Elsie is almost 2 1/2 and she is a piece of work!  Just check out that face.  Can't you just see her as a teenager already?  :)  She's had a big month because she started pre-school with Mommy and started potty training!  She's doing great and is really motivated by the cookies she gets for staying clean and dry!  :)  She's showing off her potty party chain that counted down the days until we started potty training and her potty party treats to the left.  School with Mommy is going really well and she loves it.  She's really into the songs and crafts and loves that she has her own Bible verse to memorize and Bible stories to learn.  She also loves books, imaginative play and going FAST!  She loves to do her balance bike and swing 'so fast' on the swings. 

William is 6 months old now.  He loves: being outside, drooling (check out the drool in the swing photo!), chewing on things, spitting up, sticking his tongue out and smacking his lips together (all because his 2 bottom teeth are poking through the gums now), trying to eat whatever I'm eating and moving!  He is not a fan of:  diaper changes, naps, or being left alone for too long. 

I did start solids with William a couple of weeks ago because he was just going crazy when we were eating.  He would try muscling my hand of food to his mouth while I was eating.  It was hilarious!  But I decided after a week that I was wasting my time feeding him.  He just wasn't keeping any of it in with his tongue thrusting out constantly.  So developmentally, he's not there yet even though he's motivated.  And since I don't have time to waste, that adventure is on hold for him.

Addy is quite the little Mama and I've heard myself saying "That's not your job" a lot to her.  She just can't help herself but telling everyone else what to do.  :)  She and Elsie are getting pretty good at playing together and Addy is learning that Elsie has opinions too.  She loves playing with William, doing school with Mommy, going on dates with Daddy and riding her bike.  You can see her in the center in the lower right picture with my MOPS Fitness Friday group.  She got to ride her bike that day as we walked around the park and she had a great time.  She turns 4 next week. . . crazy! 
Well, I did it.  I updated the blog.  :)  Happy Fall!