Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Ok, I'm embarrassed. . . it's been over a month since my last post. Clearly there's been a lot going on so I'll try to catch you up.

Since Addy started walking, she's had lot of bonks and bruises as she figures out how to get around. But really, she's getting pretty good at it and she has figured out how to change directions, and sometimes even tries to 'run.' It's been fun.

Gosh, almost a month ago, we had our friend Grace, from Denver, stop by on her month long road trip through the west. We enjoyed hearing about her travels and visited the farmer's market here with her.

A few days after that, we left for Gunnison to spend Labor Day and the following week with my parents and some old neighbors from da hood back in Denver. You'll see some cute families (Pat, Kesa, Olivea and Conor Sullivan and Scott, Brooke and Levi Kleski) as well as our cute Addy Paddy and Mom & Dad. Most of the pictures in our slide show (get some popcorn, this is almost a month's worth!) are from our time in Gunnison. Brad and Dad got to do a float trip down the river and they fished other streams, rivers and ponds as well. We saw lots of wildlife and we did a beautiful hike about 10 minutes from their house. (Just like her dad, Addy liked to soak her feet in a stream after a long hike like that.) Addy liked playing with our old toddler toys (from when I was little!) and she loved seeing Tig Kitty and helping in the garden. We also celebrated her first birthday with some cake and good company. She had some bites of cake off the spoon but wasn't too keen on picking it up with her fingers. The darn stuff just crumbled apart so she kept trying to give it to me. :) She opened presents (over a series of several days!) from family and friends and was pretty overwhelmed by all the new toys and books. She's a hoot.

Once we got back in town, we all came down with colds. . . you know, Addy's at that age where she's going to get it and if she does, we're doomed. Oh well. So much for getting into a routine. There's a lot you can't do when your kid is sick!

We started MOPS at church so I can continue to get to know other moms at our church, and we officially switched to regular milk in a sippy cup. I don't think Addy's tummy is too keen on milk so we've got quite a road ahead trying to figure it out.

Addy had her 12 month appointment at the Dr. and low and behold, still a string bean. :) She's 12% for weight and 85% for height. She's still only 18.5 lbs so we have a ways to go before she'll be facing forward in the carseat. Oh well. At least she doesn't seem to mind but we'd like some more leg room in the front seat!

We really are enjoying Salt Lake and our new neighborhood. Just Sunday night, I came down with a stomach bug and was up all night sick (with Brad out of town for the week, of course) and I was able to call a neighbor (who also happens to be the mother in law of our pastor) to watch Addy for me off and on all day Monday. It was a life saver and it was a neat demonstration of the way the Lord has provided for us here. What a life saver! I stayed in bed all day and recovered. (Brad wasn't so lucky. . . he came down with it Monday at his leadership training seminar in a suit and tie! He's having a hard time recovering because it's such a busy week for him and he can't rest! Not to mention he didn't start off on a great foot throwing up throughout the day at his conference! Ok, TMI Brad would say!)

Anyway, it's been busy but we're doing well. Sorry this is so long in coming. Enjoy the pictures!