Wednesday, September 21, 2011

North Carolina Adventure

We recently returned from spending 10 days in North Carolina with Grandma Lynn and Grandpa Tom. It was a big adventure for many reasons: it was Elsie's first plane trip, the girls' first time on the beach (and in the ocean for Addy), mine and the girls' first time to NC and our last plane trip before Addy turned 2 and required her own seat.

We had a great trip eating seafood, going to the beach and the aquarium, seeing New Bern and the outer banks of NC, spending time with Lynn and Tom and getting to have a few adventures as a family. The girls traveled really well and God saw fit to spoil us a little on the way home. Our plane didn't even leave New Bern until 5pm and Addy was able to have her own seat for that 1 1/2 hour flight as well as our family had a row of 6 seats to ourselves for the 8pm flight from Atlanta to SLC! The girls were able to stretch out and sleep and Brad and I watched a movie! What a blessing after such a long trip and a long day of travel.