Thursday, February 25, 2010


I have no pictures to prove it, but this morning Addy gave me a great big smile after breakfast and I noticed 2 little white bumpy teeth just starting to peek through her gums! I can only hope that is why she decideds not sleep between 4-6am. :)
Addy has been very busy lately (besides getting teeth!) because she decided she wants to sit up (for a few minutes at a time) all by herself. She can't roll over yet but she really likes to play with her toys with both hands. I tried getting a picture of her teeth this morning but I just got her sitting up instead.
This was the first day she did it, she was very proud of herself!
Last week Mom was here to spend time with us and we were able to celebrate her birthday and my birthday together. Brad and I were also able to go out on Date #2 without Addy while Mom watched her. We went to the super cool Sushi Den for dinner and then out to Stella's coffee house for a warm cup of tea after dinner. We had some strange dishes like tempura soft shelled crab (you eat the whole thing shell and all - not so great. . . Brad said it tasted like the ocean smells. That was about right) But we also had a tempura lobster roll, seared scallops, seared tuna (shown below) and that crazy yellowtail/something else with jalepenos on it (shown below). All that was really good!

It was really nice to go out alone together so we could talk about the move and all the upcoming events. Thanks Mom!
Addy also started eating rice cereal last week. She really likes it for about 5 minutes and then she just tests my aim. Mom gave me some pointers but it still is very 'hit or miss!'

We had a really big snow (right when Mom was supposed to leave, so she didn't. . . oh darn) so Addy got to wear a super crazy snow suit when we went for a walk in the neighborhood! She spent the whole time sucking on the neck warmer part. . . gross!

Brad's mom sent us fabulous chocolate covered strawberries for my birthday that really looked just like the above picture! They were so good and very healthy since they were made of fruit and milk! :)
So far it looks like we'll be putting our house on the market in the next few weeks and heading out to Utah to house hunt in early March. It's all going so fast! We really only have a month left in Denver! :(

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We're Moving!

I'm having a hard time being motivated to update the blog.  Our computer 'update' has turned out to be less than user friendly in the movie making department and blogger has decided to make annoying changes to postings as well.  It's losing the fun factor. . .

Anyway, it's been a busy month.  It's offical, we're moving to Salt Lake City so Brad can start a new job April 1st.  We didn't look for this opportunity, it just came knocking.  But, it's a promotion and it will give Brad a chance to learn more in the management arena.  So, he's going from being an auto claims supervisor to being the state manager for auto claims for Utah.  Wow!  Now that all the formalities are over, we know we have about a month and a half to get there.

So, we decided to celebrate Brad's promotion las weekend by eating at The Fort in Morrison.  It is a famous restaurant that serves wild game.  It's very Colorado.  We had rattlesnake cakes (like a crab cake but with rattlesnake meat!), quail, buffalo and elk.  It was really good and the atmosphere was fun as well.   
It was also our first time to go out without Addy. She spent the time with our neighbors, Pat, Kesa and Olivia.  She did really well and enjoyed seeing all of Olivia's toys!  Pat and Kesa are expecting Baby #2 at the end of April so they were excited to practice an evening with two kids.  Luckily it went well!

Here was the inside of the courtyard at The Fort.  It is an adobe style complex patterned after an old fort.  It was really neat and beautiful tucked up against the red rocks of Morrison.

Here's us inside the restaurant before we got our food. 

In addition to all that's been going on with us moving to SLC, Addy turned 5 months old.  She is getting so big and she is so much fun.  She isn't crying as much when she goes down for naps because she's discovered she rather likes sucking her thumb and playing with her hair in her crib.  She doesn't do it at any other time but it is sooo cute in her crib. 

We'd appreciate your prayers as we prepare for this big change.  We'll have a lot to do and it will be a HUGE change in a lot of ways.  Please pray for wisdom, peace and God's provision of a place to live there.

Thank you!