Friday, March 27, 2009

Snow days!

Denver was expecting a huge snow storm Thursday so school was cancelled throughout the Metro area Thursday. Since it continued snowing throughout Thursday night, school was also cancelled Friday. Lucky for me, spring break is next week so we started 2 days early!

Today is our 16 week appointment (even though I'm 17 weeeks on Sunday) with the Dr. so I had to shovel the driveway so we could get our car out of the garage. We have a really long driveway so it took me about an hour to shovel the 10inches of snow! I think I'm going to be really sore in my arms and back. Like any spring storm in the Rockies, it is really wet and heavy!

Brody is having trouble with her legs hurting and not holding her weight but that didn't stop her from barking at me, chasing the snow shovel and wanting to be buried in snow! She is taking a nap now. :)

Oh, and for those of you who have started asking if I'm showing yet, my pants don't fit but most people still say they can't tell. Here's the latest belly bump picture where you can definitely tell I'm pregnant!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Really, I'm starting to show!

While most people wouldn't be able to tell that I really am starting to show, my regular pants don't fit in the waist and I'm having to borrow pants from friends already. My waist has grown 3 inches since December. :) When there is more to see when I have clothes on, I'll post a picture.

14 weeks! Yeah!