Tuesday, March 4, 2014

William is 1!!!

I can't believe William turned 1 on Sunday. Unfortunately he was sick on his birthday but luckily we celebrated a week early with my parents when they were in town.  He enjoyed all the attention, being sung to, opening presents and THE CAKE!  He had no problem digging right in and he needed a bath when he was all done.  I think his favorite present was the Tigger singing card Mom & Dad got him (go figure) and he wanted to hear it over and over again and he bounced all the way through it.  How fitting.  He might just be nicknamed Tigger before he gets too far into life with how much he bounces! 

He said his first word, 'ball,' on my birthday and followed it up with 'yum' and making elephant sounds.  He loves to bop to the beat of music and often tries to snap along or 'sing' along.  He is so full of energy and smiles.  As is fitting for the third child, I have no idea how much he weighs or how tall he is but I do have a Dr. appointment scheduled. . . finally!  All I know is that he's heavy and squirmy, eating like a champ and growing strong.  4 1/2 years into parenting and I'm finally ok with just knowing the big picture - that he's doing great - and I'm really letting the details go! 

Below you'll see him trying the sand at the beach.  He only did it once and he did not say 'yum' after.  :)   He loved digging around in the sand.  He used the same technique on his birthday cake. 

 My parents came to town for a week for a week when Brad was going to be traveling to Denver.   We had all sorts of fun with them hiking around the Sutro Baths with views of the Golden Gate Bridge and heading down memory lane in Danville where we lived when I was 2-6.  We even found my preschool and got a tour.  It looks the same as I remember it - 30 years later!  When Brad got home, we were able to have a birthday/Valentine's date at Ruth's Chris (Thanks Cowans!) and we had more fun at the beach and eating at our neighbor's middle eastern restaurant at Haight/Ashbury St. and celebrating Mom's, Dad's and my birthday with homemade cheesecake and then William's birthday.  It was a jam packed week of fun and it was so nice to have them around when Brad was gone.

 Our family was made for the beach!  We were joking that we've wasted the last 4 1/2 years of our life with kids pretending we were mountain people because everyone has such a great time at the beach.  We run, play Frisbee, build sand castles, and just roll around in the sand.  So much fun!  Our van looks horrible with sand in every crevice but it has been worth it!

Well, I did it. . . William's birthday post.  What a wonderful blessing that little bouncing baby boy is.  To think I cried for most of my pregnancy with him because I couldn't imagine adding another baby to our already chaotic family.  It just goes to show how good God is and how I need to purpose to trust His plan because it is good!  Now I can't imagine life without him.  He brings joy to my heart and softness to the sister competition that shows up around here.  Thank God for boys!

Off to do the dishes. . .