Sunday, November 15, 2009

Two Months Old!

Last Friday, Addy turned 2 months old. Just in time for her birthday, she started sleeping through the night. . . well, most nights. A few times this last week she woke up early in the morning super hungry. We wanted you to enjoy the early morning entertainment we have when she gets up that early. After I feed her, change her diaper and put her back down, she tends to 'sing' herself back to sleep. Push play below and listen to what that sounds like.

Here are just a few photos of the last week or so. . . Addy is getting so big! Push play to see the photos.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

8 Weeks Old!

We have had a busy couple of weeks as Addy is changing so much! We also had our first BIG snow storm of the season. We had at least a foot of snow at our house the week before Halloween. It was the 4th storm of the season. I enjoyed staying in my PJ's all day and Brad enjoyed working from home for a couple of days. It was wet, heavy snow and we still have some in the backyard despite temperatures in the high 70's since then!

Right after the snow storm, Bill and Judy Slease came to visit their new granddaughter. It was a big weekend because Addy went to church for the first time (she woke up crying during the sermon and we headed of to the cry room with 12 other babies in the church!). After church we even managed to go out to lunch at a restraunt and Addy slept the whole time! Apparently church was exhausting for her!
For Halloween, Addy had a fleece costume all lined up from my cousin Michelle. We're not actually sure what animal it was (paws, round tail, long ears, round belly . . . bunny?) but it was really cute. Addy pretty much hated it though. Maybe she was just hot but she only wore it for about 15 minutes while our neighbors, the Sullivans, came over. The look on Addy's face pretty much sums it up. She ended up screaming her head off not long after this picture was taken!
Here is Olivia Sullivan as a giraffe, and Addy as a . . . ?

Addy has been busy growing and changing. She held a rattle for the first time, she squeals on a regular basis now, and she even SLEPT 8 HOURS LAST NIGHT!!! I didn't sleep that long since my super sonic mom ears hear every blasted peep that kid (or the dog, or Brad!) lets out! And let me tell you, Addy is not a peaceful sleeper! She peeps, squeaks, grunts, cries and squeals all night long in her sleep! Good grief. But, she did sleep all night long and woke up happy and very hungry! Yeah!

We're off to church again today and we'll see if we can do a better job of paying attention to the sermon today! HA HA!