Thursday, January 20, 2011

Addy 16 mo, Baby #2 26 weeks

I haven't done a post in a while to update on what Addy Paddy's been up to so here it goes. . .

I'd always heard that parents like to watch their kids sleep. I thought that was pretty lame until Addy came along. Seriously, how cute is it to watch your little one being so peaceful (and still!) with her butt up in the air?! I know, I know, I'm lame. Addy really is a great sleeper (until about 5am where she'll wake up at the slightest noise!). She takes great naps and goes down around 7 after family devotions and bath time with Daa.

This is Addy helping to undecorate for Christmas. She is really a strong little stringbean and knows everything has it's proper place. She loves to help clean up and often puts things away that I didn't see. It's really nice that she likes clean-up time!

Addy is really into her stuffed animals. She likes to cuddle them, hug them, give them kisses and sleep with them. She also likes to 'talk on the phone.' While she's not allowed to play with real phones, she makes anything (puzzle pieces, blocks, eatible goldfish. . . ) into phones and will walk around talking on them. She's really entertaining.

So. . . I thought I would post a few videos of some of the cute things she's doing these days.

In this video, she inspects Boomer's (OU's mascot) teeth and talks up a storm. Right off the bat she says her really cute version of 'noo' and I think she's wondering why Boomer doesn't have top teeth or a tongue.

Here's Addy talking on the phone. :)

Here's Addy showing off some of the words/signs she knows. She also was quite talkative in her playpen and I tried to catch some of that but she saw me when she turned around. :) Besides eating, diaper changes and outings, this pretty much sums up our days together.

As far as Baby #2 goes, we're 26 weeks and doing well. This baby has a lot more wiggle room since my stomach is so pliable and he/she really takes advantage of it! It's weird to watch my belly bouncing all over the place. Seriously alien. I've been swimming a few times a week and that has really eased my lower back pain so really, as long as Addy gets a good nap in the afternoon so I can rest a bit, everything is great. I still can't imagine managing 2 kids under 20 months but I guess it's a bit late for that now. :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas in Texas

This year we spent 12 days in Texas for Christmas with Brad's family. For most of them, this was their first time meeting Addy and she was quite the attraction!

We flew to Dallas early Wednesday morning via Denver and Addy did really well. She read books, flirted with the people around us on the plane and kept us busy trying to contain her squirming. It was an exhausting trip and she was great! I can't imagine traveling with a grumpy kid (or two!). Anyway, we spent one night in Dallas with Brad's Dad & 'Bonus' Mother before driving to Houston to meet up with the whole family.

While on the way we did stop at the famous 'Woody's' for some TX BBQ. I'm telling you, it was the first time I had real Texas BBQ and it was good but Woody's is a gas station! And it was packed out! Addy got her first taste (and loved it) and then we headed down the road.

We had a blast in Houston with all the family and Brad and I hardly saw Addy (except to change diapers and put her to sleep). She was totally entertained by all the cousins and they did a great job of feeding her and keeping her out of trouble. She had a great time but by about Christmas Eve, she started showing signs of being super tired and started this 'Mama Mama' thing where the only thing that was ok was for me to hold her. Whew.

On Christmas Eve we visited Don & Susie's church and we chose the 'kid friendly' service given that there were so many little ones. Good thing, Addy enjoyed getting to go down front to hear the Christmas story and eating Cheerios and singing. We had our annual Tamale contest and while we did win the 'story' category, our tamales did not win the overall prize again this year. We bought our tamales at Victor's Tires (an auto shop on the West side of SLC that sells the best tamales in town) and now I know why the Texans voted for our story. . . they are used to eating out of auto places. :)

Anyway, Christmas morning started early for us (thanks Addy) and we actually had to wake the big kids up this year to get them moving. That was a first. Addy didn't open her presents until the chaos of all the other kids opening presents was over and they were all sent up stairs. In fact, she only lasted for about 1/2 the chaotic time and then she had her alone time reading books in her playpen. I think that saved our day from major over stimulation! When that was over, she opened presents with the adults and got lots of puzzles, books and monogrammed items. :) She had so much fun and then, it was nap time.

We enjoyed the sunshine in Houston and relaxing with family for a few days and then Monday, we headed back to Dallas. On the way, we stopped at yet another gas station turned eating joint called Buckey's. Again, there were tons of people eager to pay for food from a gas station. :)

Back in Dallas Brad and I did a trip down memory lane and drove around all his old stomping grounds in Lewisville. We saw the places he lived, played and went to school. We even drove past the barber who cut his hair as a kid on main street in Lewisville. Much of it had changed but it was neat to see anyway.

We also had the opportunity to go to a Dallas Stars game when they played the Red Wings. We got to sit in a box (thanks Cowans) and rotate one period into the seats on the ice! The period Brad and I sat there the Stars scored a bunch and we were even on TV when a fight broke out between players right in front of us. I had a horrible expression on my face. . . so much for my 5 seconds of fame.

After some down time in Dallas we headed to Oklahoma to Brad's sister's ranch house for New Years. We got to shoot bow/arrows, go for ATV rides (not me, of course) and walk the property. It was nice to be outside. However, there were quite a few of us and 2 dogs and when the wind/storm showed up, we bailed. We all ended up leaving on New Years Eve to head back to Dallas.

We flew home on Sunday and Addy was so tired that she fell asleep at the end of our leg to Denver. She also slept on Brad's chest during almost our entire layover. So much for getting out our wiggles. But, it was nice to have a break from trying to entertain her.

We got home to a lot more snow and really cold temps again and we have successfully made it through the laundry and putting the Christmas decorations away. Whew, almost back to normal. Actually, I got a bug to 'nest' this week and started re-arranging furniture and cleaning out closets to make room for the new baby. Now that I'm almost 25 weeks I really do look/feel pregnant and the baby is moving around like crazy so this baby's arrival has been on my mind a lot lately. I think we're almost ready for baby Slease to come. It is SO much easier to get ready the second time.

Anyway, Happy New Year. I hope you enjoyed your Christmas season and didn't gain as much weight as I did! :) Pool, here I come!

All characters mentioned in the song are fictitious. Any resemblance to our family members, living or dead, is purely coincidental.