Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Catch up. . . again

I feel like I'm starting each new blog post with 'it's been a while.' Oh well. It has. I seem to be spending my Addy nap time either napping, cleaning or cooking. Nothing else seems to get done.

We have had a fairly eventful couple of weeks, though, since our last post. We had house guests. . . Grandma and Grandpa Bursch, celebrated valentine's (with a real date!), celebrated my 31st birthday, survived Brad being out of town for a week, and have had dinner guests, play dates, outings and lots of naps.

I'm 32 weeks along in my pregnancy and sometimes it seems like we have no time left (like when I think about the life change, lack of sleep, and needing to get prepped for Baby) and sometimes it seems like forever (like when I look down and see my ever growing belly!). Things are still going smoothly and while I've got plenty of the typical pregnancy woes, in the scheme of things, everything is great.

I mentioned a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Bursch. . . their visit was timed right around my birthday and valentine's so Brad and I did get to go out on a nice date night (we forgot the camera!). We enjoyed good food and great conversation while Addy and Mom and Dad visited with my Aunt Deb and Uncle Scott for dinner. Apparently they all had a great time and Addy loved seeing Duncan dog (and getting to eat ice cream!). During their visit we got to go snow shoeing (whoa, it's getting a bit tough to do that!), out to eat a few times, we took lots of naps and enjoyed great conversation. Addy loved the extra attention and I loved the extra help! My back got a bit of a recovery just in time for Brad to leave town.

Here's a video of G &G's visit.

Brad spent almost a week in Oklahoma City for work (leaving the same day my parents left!). He enjoyed the experience and got to make some good connections with people who support his work out here. His job continues to be stressful but he's doing a great job!

Brad has also been meeting with a grad student from the U named Daniel. Daniel is from Beijing and since they share a love for coffee, they meet each Saturday morning over a cup of joe. They're exploring as many coffee shops around town as they can find while talking about Daniel's walk and how to live with Christ. Brad has really enjoyed these meetings and it's been neat to see how teachable Daniel is.

I just started a new Bible study (that I probably won't be able to finish because of Baby Slease) by Kay Arthur on God's Covenant. A bunch of women from our church meet each Tuesday to talk about the homework and what we've learned (and to get a break from our kiddos). Kay's studies are pretty work intensive but it is neat to learn straight from God's Word instead of being led to certain truths by books or questions. Addy loves playing with the big kids during that time (since all the kids are together in one room) and she is always up for a big nap afterward.

Addy has recently started running (and pumping her arms as hard as she can), playing kitchen and tea party (thanks Grandma Bursch!), and she continues to add 'friends' to her essential collection. She now has Colorado Bear (Roaaar), Boomer the horse (Phh), Elephant (Brrr), Lamby (Baa Baa), Tiger (Meow) and Wocket. The only one she can't call by name is Wocket because we don't know what sound a wocket makes. Any ideas? All the others she asks for by the sound they make. It's so cute. She wants them in her bed when he sleeps, in the living room or playpen when she plays and on her tray when she waits for a meal. She dresses them, has tea parties with them and reads them stories. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. . . I recall having quite a collection of stuffed animals myself.

Anyway, we're all doing well here as we start to see signs of spring in the air and on the ground. We're enjoying a few more hours of sunshine, walks without all the snow gear and being able to see puppies and kitties out for walks when we go. Yeah! Hope you all are doing well!