Friday, August 7, 2009

1 Month Left!

Technically, we're 1 month from our due date. . . however, I'm beginning to re-train myself in how ho I think about this due date thing. It really means nothing and being a planner, I'm trying to let go of the expectation that the baby will be here in a month. Really, we could be looking at more like 6 weeks! Nevertheless, here's the belly at 35 weeks.

This morning we had an ultrasound. Last week my Dr. thought that even though I was measuring fine, the baby felt small to her. So we scheduled an ultrsound to make sure everything is fine. It is. . .
Here's baby Slease at almost 36 weeks. The two dark spots are the eye sockets and just below that is the nose and mouth. I think it looks kind of piggy but the ultrasound technician assured me they're cuter when they come out. :) Although we don't know whether it's a boy or girl (the technician said she couldn't have told us if we wanted to know today because the baby was wound pretty tight inside me), she did point out that the baby has chubby cheeks, hair!, a small head and long limbs. Brad says the baby takes after me. :) Size-wise, the technician said the baby is well within normal ranges. She estimated 5 lb 10 oz and about 19 inches long. It doesn't look like we have anything to worry about. Praise God!