Saturday, February 28, 2009

12 week ultrasound

We found out the weekend after Christmas that we are pregnant! We've been to the Dr. 3 times so far and she's doing a great job of keeping us informed. We've had ultrasounds at each visit. The first ultrasound was at 7 weeks and we saw the heartbeat! Other than feeling tired, getting heartburn, and hating the smell of garlic, I was feeling fine.

Our second Dr.'s visit was at 10 weeks and although the Dr. couldn't get the doppler to let us hear the hearbeat, we had another ultrasound and we were able to watch the baby. The reason she couldn't hear the hearbeat with the doppler was because the baby was moving around so much that it was creating background noise. The baby was doing barrel rolls and hardly holding still enough for us to see that the little one did have all the necessary limbs and parts!

I've been tired, going to sleep really early and catching about every other cold my students bring to school to share. I have felt so blessed that I am not having morning sickness. . . I can't imagine working with that! Everyone at work is very excited for baby Slease even though I plan to take next year off work.

Brad has picked up most of the slack around the house. :) He's been cooking and cleaning and walking Brody. He's ready for me to get my energy back. He says doing everything is a lot of work!

We just had our 12 week ultrasound and it was amazing! At first the baby was facing forward and showing off for us but as soon as the technician tried to start measuring parts, the little one flipped over and curled up into a ball. The technician poked, jiggled and jostled the little one around trying to get a better angle but this one is stubborn! Finally, the little one started cooperating and showed us everything the technician needed to measure and take pictures of. Everything looked great!

Here is the little one being squished by my uterus contracting (totally normal. . . I had no idea!). Poor little one! If you look closely you can see a lot of details in the picture! Keep in mind the baby is only 2 1/2 inches long!

This is a photo where the technician caught the baby sucking on the thumb. The tongue looked like a heat wave moving back and forth. It's was amazing!

I'm reaching the end of the first trimester and starting to feel a little more energetic. I even cooked a meal this week! I've discovered that Mexican food actually tastes good and doesn't give me hearburn so I've been having it a lot. I'm ready to have the energy back to exercise, cook and stay awake past 7pm!

We'd appreciate your prayers for the baby's health and also that the little one would have a heart bent toward God!

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