Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Busy 3 weeks!

W ell, we've had our hands full the last 3 weeks. We had some craziness with getting the house ready to move in (I spent just about every wake time of Addy's driving from our apartment in the suburbs to our house in the city to meet with some contractor or another. We were having the floors torn up and hardwoods installed or I would have just stayed at the house all day!) Once all the projects were done, we had the house painted. It was supposed to be done the Friday before Father's Day so we could move out of our apartment on Saturday and relax at our house on Father's Day. Instead, the painters still weren't done on Sunday night (but we moved out of our apartment on Sunday anyway!)! We spent Brad's first Father's Day moving boxes. Bummer. We had to put them all into the garage too since the painters weren't done. We slept on the floor in the basement so we'd be here when the movers arrived at 8am on Monday morning with all our stuff that had been in storage for almost 3 months. Yeah!
Addy Paddy is pack to her smiling self now. . . it was a rough couple of weeks. She was really clingy, whiny and just not happy. Turns out, she's now doubled the amount of food she eats at each meal, she cut a molar (?!) and the poor kid noticed that her entire world was uprooted to a new place. :) We're glad to be settled back into our routine.

My college friend, Desiree, and her mom spent a week at Snowbird (a ski resort 30 minutes from our house!) so she was able to spend a day with me unpacking the house. Then I took a break from unpacking to explore a bit of the mountains with her. This picture is from their balcony overlooking the ski resort.
The movers did a great job and were able to get all our furniture into the house! They even got our huge bedroom furniture and king size bed into the basement into our bedroom. Once the boxes were in the house, we realized the painters weren't going to be able to finish until we got everything unpacked. They were supposed to come today and they didn't show up. . . we busted our butts to get finished by today. Grr. Even though they're not quite finished, the house looks great! Check out the before/after slide show below. The house isn't totally finished, obviously, but it's getting there!

(Although it's not a 'brick house,' we were told that under the siding is the original cinder block. Does that count?)
We're loving our house and our neighborhood. We had 2 sets of neighbors bring us dinner last week and we've enjoyed being 10 minutes away from everything! I even walked to the greatest park in SLC in 15 minutes today! (95 degrees is a little too hot for a walk though!)
After our walk, Addy learned how to do the splits. :) She got herself on all fours so I thought she might crawl but she obviously didn't like it so she tried to sit back down and her leg got away from her. She did figure out how to get back to a sitting position. I thought it was really funny. . . she wasn't so sure. :)

It feels really good to finally start to get settled in Salt Lake. I can't believe it's been 3 months since we left Denver. Living in transition is for the birds. We're looking forward to getting involved in a church so we can make some friends!

Enjoy your 4th of July (we'll be celebrating the 3rd of July here. . . more on that later!)!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

9 months old already!

Well, Addy turned 9 months old last weekend. Wow. She's mastered the rollover and now is really into standing and walking around. . . with our help, of course! She hasn't figured out crawling (whew!) but she's mastered the 4-point forward lean. She has a serious issue with towers of things so it's always a great motivator for her to work on her motor skills.

Addy is jabbering up a storm and often looks at us after a string of babble with a look like 'well, what do you think about that?' She's a crack up.

Here favorite time of day is when her daddy comes home from work and she's quite content to do whatever he wants to do right along side him.

We've been enjoying the sunny weather lately and we even got to visit the heated pool at our apartment. Addy had a great time but I have to say that I'm glad we'll be able to take her to an indoor pool. Sunscreen is a pain! Here's Addy Paddy in her movie star get-up.

Jenny came to visit this week and Addy enjoyed having another person to laugh, play and talk to. While she's starting to act differently with different people, she took to Jenny like she knew 'she's one of us.' Super cute.
We had Addy's 9 month appointment today and the new Dr. said that Addy will probably be one of those rare kids who actually outgrows her infant car seat at the right time to match with the car seat laws. She's 28 3/4 inches and 17lb 6oz. She's still looking like a string bean being 85% in height and 25% in weight so her 12-18 month clothes are fitting her nicely right now. How great that the girls' clothes we were given from friends are perfectly in season right now! She has a bunch of super cute summer stuff that I thought would be too big but is just right because she's tall. Anyone notice she's wearing PINK! :)
Brad's job is going well and he's enjoying getting to know his employees. He's learning a lot and he is pleasantly surprised how much he learned in Denver that was perfect for here! Yeah!

We move into our house this weekend once the projects are all finished. The hardwood floors are done and we have painters working this week before some other minor projects Friday/Saturday. More pictures to come on that. . .