Monday, April 27, 2009


Brody has been having a hard time walking for the last month or so (even more so than usual with her very bad back legs). Saturday night it got so bad she was dragging her legs behind her with her back feet resting the weight on her knuckles. By Sunday morning, she couldn't walk at all. She couldn't stand to go to the bathroom so we had to hold her up and Brad was having to carry her from place to place.

Sunday afternoon we took her to the animal hospital who did her reconstructive knee surgery when she was 2. The vet did some poking and testing and determined that Brody probably has an inflamed disk in her spine pushing against her spinal column. The pressure on her spine is cutting off feeling to her back legs so she actually doesn't even know where her feet are. That's why she's 'knuckling' when she walks. The pressure in her spine is causing her a lot of pain - so much so that she's shaking and groaning a lot.

He basically told her that the only way to fix the problem would be to do back surgery and he said with her being 11 1/2, that's not the greatest solution. He told us that she may not last much longer. He told us that we wouldn't be wrong to put her to sleep yesterday. We are not ready for that step and he gave us another option to manage her pain and try to get the swelling to go down in her back by using a steroid. Brad is working from home this week to give nursing care to Brody and give her pain meds, muscle relaxers and a steroid starting on Wednesday.

This has been a really hard process to go through because it doesn't seem right for us to choose when Brody is going to die, but at the same time, she really is in a lot of pain and it's not going to get better. The vet said that even if the inflamation does go down in her spine, it will be a chronic problem that won't go away. Brody is such a tough chic that it's hard to know when she's in pain. But her shaking and shivering is new. . . she's at a whole new level of pain. For a dog who's hiked through snow with no knee ligaments for 9 years, that's saying a lot.

Anyway, it sounds strange but we'd appreciate your prayers for comfort for Brody. We'd also appreciate your prayers for us since this is such a sad and painful process to go through. We need wisdom to be able to do the right thing for Brody too. Brody is such a great dog. . . whew. . . Thanks for your prayers.

20 Week ultrasound

Last week we had our 20 week ultrasound and my mom came into town to experience it. Although it wasn't as exciting as the 12 week ultrasound (this technician was kind of a grouch!), we did get to see that the baby is healthy and getting big!

This is the first official picture of Baby Slease's bare baby butt! Isn't it cute? Actually, the baby's feet amazed me. I'm also starting to feel the baby moving around and these little tootsie's are the culprits for the pokes!

This picture is kind of strange but you can see the baby's eye lense in the left photo. I'm not exactly sure what the right one is. :)

For all the planners out there (and I'm usually in this group!) we did NOT find out whether the baby is a boy or girl! That was the last ultrasound we will have and the technician had us cover our eyes whenever she was about to look at 'the gender' she called it. As if we would have been able to tell what we were looking at! Anyway, she also said she got in trouble once for putting pictures on the CD that showed the baby's sex. So, we don't even have any pictures anyone can analyze to figure out if it is a boy or girl (sorry Christy!). So, it's a mystery from here on out.

Oh, we bought our first baby item today. . . a Bob stroller off Craig's list. It's used and a little faded but it was $200 cheaper than a new one! It's orage and brown. . very gender neutral. :) Orange! Well, we'll be safe on the trail from anyone hitting us!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Freak storm!

April 17th and we're getting a foot and a half of snow. . . at least on Tuesday it will be 70 degrees again! Spring in Denver! We made our first snowman together. .

This is our pregnant snowman!

Brad did shovel the snow and Brody enjoyed being buried in it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Break

We did head to Gunnison for a few days over my spring break. We had a great time with my parents. Even Brody was perkier than she has been! We went for a snow shoe trip (my parents cross country skied) and lots of walks. It was COLD!

What a week!

Last week was quite a week. I was sick (and sort of still am even after taking 3 days off work last week) and Brody had surgery. When we took her to the vet concerned about her limping, sore legs and just seeming down, the vet told us she just needs old dog meds for arthritis AND a really nasty abscessed tooth pulled! One of her molars in the back was split in half, really dark in color and the gums were nasty and swollen around it.

She had the tooth pulled last Wednesday (and was mad at us for a day or so after) and she has really perked up! She is sassy, energetic and going for long walks again. Who would have thought a tooth-ache would have gotten her so down! She's taking 5 pills a day now (at least until the tooth stiches heal) and then it will be down to 3. :) I'm getting really good at jamming pills down her throat so she doesn't gack them back up. She's stubborn about pills. Oh, another piece of amazing information as a result of all this vet stuff is that she has BEAUTIFUL breath! You can sit right in front of her and breathe as deeply as you want and you won't pass out! For any of you that smelled her breath in the last year or so, trust me, that nasty, rotten, horrible smell is gone. FYI that was the infected tooth! Poor Brody!

As far as my health goes, I keep getting every cold bug that goes around. I've been sick for almost 2 weeks but amazingly, Brad has stayed mostly healthy! I'm also adjusting to having a bit of a belly. :) Students and teachers at school are commenting on it now and I'm officially transitioning to maternity clothes. The baby is about 6 inches long and my belly has expanded 5 inches since December! Brad laughs at my belly every time he sees it.

We're going to a first time parents baby consignment sale Thursday night. So far we don't own a single baby thing. It still seems a little strange to buy baby things, but we're going to try tomorrow night.

Oh, more to come soon since I'm 20 weeks on Sunday so we'll have our ultrasound on Tuesday. Mom's coming into town to see it and we're going to hang out for the week! Fun!