Friday, August 10, 2012

More travel. . .

We've had a few changes to our social life in the last few weeks.  My good friend, Beth, who moved here from CO the same month we did moved to DC and our next door neighbors moved to the mountains.  :(  Bummer stuff.

Here's Addy with her best friend Addy (Addison) at the zoo just a few days before they left for DC.

Here's me and Beth (and baby Gunner's head) on the kiddie train at the zoo before they left.

Well, we just got back from a visit to Kansas to see my great Aunt and Uncle Bursch, my cousin Jesse and my cousin Clint and his family.  Clint and Kayla have a daughter, Natalyn, who is 6 months older than Addy and a little new baby girl named Parker. 

It was a lot of driving but we had a great time with them.  My how our lives have changed since we last spent time in Kansas (4 years ago!).  Kayla and I spent a lot of time at the house with various nappers but we all did get out for the fair at night.  The girls all had a great time on the little rides.  Addy was very into her cousin Natalyn but Elsie was so fascinated by the bab-bab.  She kept wanted to touch Parker and swing her in her swing.  Too cute.  What a great visit.

Here's Addy and Natalyn (with Uncle Dick in the background) after riding the airplanes.

Here's Elsie in the mini cars (with Natalyn in the background).  Oh my goodness was she so proud of herself that she was big enough to ride a ride!  :)

Yeah for the carousel!  This was funny, they played A Tracks (I sort of had to guess that's what I saw and Brad confirmed it) and it went really fast.  I was getting light headed holding the girls on there!

The Slease Fam on the Farris wheel.  I was a little freaked we were going to loose the girls under the bar on one of the random crazy swings our car did so this picture just had to be good enough. 

The girls on the airplane together.  Elsie had a strange look on her face the whole time and all Brad, Dee and I could do was crack up and hope she didn't puke!  :)

The 3 cousins playing in Natalyn's playhouse.  Elsie loved wearing Natalyn's tutu. 

We went out to dinner with with Clint and Kayla and at this point Elsie had totally mastered Clint.  He was giving her whatever food she wanted off his plate.  :) 

I'm 11 weeks pregnant now and starting to feel a little better.  It's hard to believe that I'm almost in my second trimester.  Good grief, this is really going fast.  I did go for a bike ride with the girls in the trailer this morning (probably less than a mile but I'm tired!) and I even cleaned my kitchen floor yesterday.  I must be feeling a little better, huh? 

I just took Elsie in for her 15 month check up and I have to say, I felt like -other than wanting to know her growth, why in the heck am I here?  I don't have a thousand questions for the Dr. like I always did with Addy and Elsie is doing great.  Oh well, she did need a shot.  :)  So Elsie weighs 19.1 lbs (0% not even on the growth chart!) and she is 31 inch tall with is about 60%.  The Dr did want to make sure Elsie's eating well since she's a lightweight for her age but compared to her height, her weight is average.  Her growth chart is telling, though, because those months she was sick so much between 7 and 12 months her weight really dropped and fluctuated a lot.  Now she's growing again.  As for her head, she's still a pin head like her Mama.  She's 10% for head size.  :)  She is picking up words quickly now.  It's still Elsie speak but you can tell the words she's saying for things like down, ball, baby, banana and help.  What a cutie.  Oh goodness, and what a drama queen!  :)  We're working on not throwing tantrums and screaming right.  Already?!

Addy is getting so big and she is really starting to get huggie.  She isn't a cuddler but lately she wants and seems to need lots of hugs to be ok.  She is talking a blue streak and starting to ask good questions when we're talking or reading stories.  She still asks 'why?!' 30,000 a day but at least some of her questions are starting to have some thought behind them.  Yesterday she asked me what we were going to name the new baby.  :)   I said that I didn't know (gosh, we haven't even thought about it yet!) and she said maybe we should name the baby Elsie Mae.  :)  When I told her we already had an Elsie Mae she said, maybe Natalyn.  She was out of ideas when I told her that name was taken in our family already too.  She said, what will we do?  Too cute.

Ok, true to form, I'm off to take a nap.  Hope you all are enjoying the end of summer (that's what I'm telling myself it is because I'm sick of the heat!).  God bless!